Tuesday, September 23, 2014


As we approach the hotter months in the summer many of us are looking for a hair style that has less effort and keeps us kool. If you are a natural beauty like myself then braids are the ultimate hair style to beat the heat. The combination of heat, humidity and sweat can leave your natural do in a fro or just un manageable, so turning to braids is a natural transition. However as I have seen many people that are unaware how to care for braids and don’t know when to take them down, which has lead me to write this post. My braided hair journey begun back in May the weekend before Memorial Day to be exact; I went on craigslist yes craigslist!!! in search of a braider at a reasonable price (don’t be skeptical a lot of businesses use craigslist and usually at a discount). I found a great braider who will come out to you and braid your hair for a great price to. Anyway the results were good I did the large box braids which was a bit heavy, but overall they worked. Now that we have braids how to care for them? Well I recommend treating your braids as you would your natural hair or hair extensions, make sure that your scalp is moisturized and the braids are sprayed with any kind of oil sheen and be sure to tie your braids down at night. So I kept the braids in for about two months, really you can determine when they should come out but two months is a good expiration, ( too often we see people with braids that look like they want jump out, don’t that happen to you) keep it cute. Well I hope you enjoyed the little journey here are a few picks. Share your braid journey with Queen Neeka follow her on IG: at queenneeka.

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