QueenNeeka.com is the official site for anyone in the Entertainment Industry to “Generate Some Buzz” we have a interconnected network that reaches millions worldwide. We pride ourselves on “Highlighting the Hidden Talents of the Streets and giving a Queens perspective to the world”.


Our goal is to target working adults from ages 18 and up who want to be ahead of the crowd on breaking news, social issues, gossip and fashion. We hope to inspire and bring the world of celebrity to your social device on a daily basis.

Generate some buzz with a blog write up from Queen Neeka we have on average 300,000 viewers that frequent our site including some of the biggest names in the music industry, DJ’s etc. The blog write up will consist of two to three paragraphs of information on your artist and their past and future projects along with a photo of the artist. Our team will contact the artist via phone to conduct an interview which would be transferred into 2-3 paragraph blog post write up and be available on the site and promoted via social media

$ 100.00
Generate some buzz with a blog write up and music display offers the artist the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, this package includes a blog post 2-3 paragraphs and one soundcloud clip or youtube video of the artists. Along with this we will post on all major social networks the link for the blog post.

$ 250.00
Artist feature offer the opportunity to be part of one of the largest artist social networks worldwide. With this package the artist will get a blog write up and be a featured artist for one month on the home page of Queenneeka.com as well as Fanhitz.com this means that they get double the exposure reaching with in that month over 400,000 potential views. The feature will be a photo of the artist and a write up and links to the artists profile on www.fanhitz.com that will have their music on it.

Featured Artist live performance, with this package artist will be performing at the biggest showcase in Atlanta the Hitmakerz show. They will perform in front of many of the industries elite DJ’s, record label executives, the top promoters in the country. Along with the featured performance the artist will also get a blog write up on Queenneeka.com.

$1000.00 and up
Digital package is the premiere way in which to get your Buzz Generated and distributed though-out the world. This package offers a recorded featured performance at the biggest artist showcase in Atlanta the Hitmakerz show along with a 2min video interview with Queen Neeka, full editing including the artist music playing in the background. Consider this your digital resume, this video will be added to www.queenneeka.com and www.fanhitz.com for one month, after which it will be archived, as well as QN youtube chanel an will be promoted on all social media sites as well as a plug on Be100radio.com

$1000.00 and up
Mixtape placements with the mixtape placement package artists get a chance to be placed on the most anticipated mixtape of the year the Hitmakerz mixtape which will be hosted by the legendary Legion of Dooms DJ Brad and Be100radio own DJ Mad Max. This package includes a write up on the artists and will be promoted along with the release of the mixtape the ultimate Buzz will be generated propelling the artist in to the next level.

Queen Neeka blog currently has an estimated 200 page views per day and still growing, advertisers are encourage to solicit for spots on our blog. Current ad space price is $50 per month for a 125x125 sidebar, please make payments through paypal payment ifo address is queenneeka2000@yahoo.com  https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/make-online-payments. For any other business related opportunities please email us at queenneeka1@gmail.com  Please don't hesitate because prices will not remain at the low rate it is now, we anticipate to triple our viewers by the end of the year.

Sponsoring the Queen Neeka website showcases your company, to hundreds of viewers across the world per  day.  There are three levels of the Queen Neeka website sponsorship, offering varying levels of exposure.    For additional information or to discuss your company sponsoring the Queen Neeka website, please contact  us at queenneeka1@gmail.com