Is it me, but this song is everything, Lil Mamma did her thing the song is bananas and the video is epic.  After her stunt back in the day with Jay Z and Alica keys ( which I feel wasn't that bad) Lil Mamma has been moving in silence gaining her way back to the top of the rap game society and I think this record is definitely note worthy and banging. I'm loving this start to finish , let me know if you all like it. 




Queen Neeka Live at Hitmakerz 

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First I want to give a shout out to the Fan Hitz team for putting together a great show. If your an up and coming artist and want to put you music out there to see if people like it our just to showcase your talent then log on to Let me just say that this contest is a vital importance to the music game, there are alot of great artist out there that never get the opportunity to be heard and to have a web site such as out there it bridges the gap for them to be heard.  Also a big shout out to Krushmore Entertainment, for all your partying in Atlanta, visit

Konvict muzics own Verse Simmonds came out to support the event, so shout out to him as well and to Prof Griff from Public Enemy. Not many artist have time to show support of give back to the new generation of  musicians. Anyway on to my run down of the show and the winners. 

Not everyone that came out had what it took, don't get me wrong in this setting not only do you have to have talent you have to have delivery with it and many fell short, I'm not gonna put anyone on blast though. 

Last contest winner El Bells hit the stage to perform and as he did before he moved the crowd, so big ups to him, keep hustling your talent. 



The winners of the Fan Hitz finale are Ant da man and Kenny Stone, they are college students that have a passion for entertainment, these two dudes hit the stage and rocked it with a catchy song and the hype to pull off the win, don't believe me check out the pictures of the crowd going bananas ( see below) You can get more info on them @antdamanlive on twitter, Ant da man fan page on  facebook, and @truekennystone on twitter. 

 they won the $2500.00 cash prize and a press packet don't sleep peoples this contest pays off (literally)


Yes a female MC was in the contest and she was good to, "Country Gravy" is her name and she came in second runner up. When she stepped to the mic she spit a verse that was so hot she got the crowd hyped up  before she even begun her song, which honestly was not as good as the first verse but it was good enough to get her to the second spot. You can find her at country gravy on Facebook fan page, @countrygravy404 on twitter. 


 The third place winners were "No Water" now I have to say despite a really raunchy looking side show from some crack head looking stripper ( which they didn't need) the rocked the crowd as well, there energy was on point and the audience soaked it all in and vibed with there performance. You find them on Facebook at no water productions.

Check out the exclusive interviews with the winner and runner up after the break


Once again I gotta shout out my peoples over at DBS Sounds, Bago , Mooch & Nay Star, for always connecting Queen Neeka with the artist so we can bring it to the world. So I have the opportunity of meeting a good dude and artist Blood Raw and sat down to politic with him a bit while he was in the ATL last week. Check out the interview after the break


I recently had the opportunity to catch up with one of my homies who happened to be a popular and great artist, Boogz Boogetz ( and yes ladies those are his real eyes) . He was in town ( ATL) to shoot a video with Trae The Truth another hot artist from Houston, if your a hip hop fan then you already know these two iggas are the ish. Anyway you can view the video interview After the Break. Shout out to the homie Jordan Tower and YRS music group aswell.

Queen Neeka was definitely on site for the in store for Lupe, which turned out to be a huge turn out from his supporters. I didn't really know so many people in the Atl loved Lupe but they do, even his muslin peoples came out to buy his album and meet him. I actually got a chance to here the album and it is as the title reads "The Great American Rap Album" probably gonna be a classic for most people. So if you don't already have it go cop it and if your in the A cop it at DBS Sounds, these people bring the artist to their fans all the time and we have to support that, shout out to Bago over there.

First I need to give a shout out to my people at DBS Sounds in Atlanta, the realest record store , for all artist and people in the industry.  Special big up to Bago, Mooch , Killa B and Nay Star the next American icon, look out for her.  Also special thanks to Warner Bros Music and MMG for allowing me to catch there new artist Rockie Fresh concert in Atlanta this Saturday. The Electric Highway Tour is one that is being slept on right now, I have to say it is so refreshing to see young talent rocking it and making moves. Queen Neeka got to meet some of these talented nig** and got to find out more about them check it out.


  I recently had an opportunity to catch up with Phil Ade at the Rockie Fresh concert this Saturday in Atlanta, in which he opened. “Always There” has a 90’s vibe to it, Phil said that with that song he was channeling a tribe called quest , honestly that is the vibe you get when you see that video or hear the song and it is the hotness to. QueenNeeka asked him if his music was influenced in any way by his parents who are Grenadian and Nigerian, apparently he grew up in a religious family and father was a singer back in the day and played music in the house all the time, this was his first introduction to music and crafted his talent. He started out singing then started rapping when he went to high school, rapping for fun. When he went to college in Huntsville he met a few people, from Maryland and was in a go go band, this type of music is synonymous with the DC area. If you’re wondering how he got on with Raheem Devaughn’s 368 music group he was friends with his brother in college and it was history from there, he also mentioned that he know Rockie Fresh from the days when MySpace was popping. You know I’m finding that there was a lot of talent on My Space back in the day that didn’t get acknowledgement, but those guys are taking measures into their own hands and sphere heading their own careers.  His new project is called ROSE (result of societies evil), talking about his up bringing and being a product of his environment. When asked about what influenced his style Phil said “I just wear stuff that I f*** with” “ nice shoes” etc. Find out about his future projects Twitter @philade_rf


QueenNeeka got a chance to interview Mark Battles a rapper out of Indianapolis Indiana, and people that is his real name how hot is that, Mark said that “he stuck with his name to show people that his music is not for pretend it’s him”.  Mark said that Biggies lp “Life After Death” was the major reason he decided to rap, he said although his life was not, filled with selling drugs or no ish like that he somehow connected with the vibe of the album. He was also the opener for the Rockie Fresh tour. In the future we can look for him on MTV  “Freshman” coming out this month, he is also working on a collaboration with Diddy’s artist c also coming this month. He was rocking Coeus clothing  and Labrons sneakers, pretty fly look.  Look for his videos on you tube and Twitter @markbattles317, facebook mark battles music.


Okay people I would not be mentioning these artist if I didn’t feel that there music was hot had potential to be hot, seriously I saw them perform live and they ripped it, Mark Battles killed it with the lyrical breakdown , Phil Ade rocked the crowd like we were at Madison Square and Rockie Fresh ripped it I see why he just got signed.


So yours truly was asked to judge a talent competition last night at Club 426 in Stone Mountain, it was presented by a new version of myspace and an artist version of facebook, there site is to link the artist with the fans and promote up and coming talent and also presented by Krushmore Ent the biggest reggae and Caribbean promotion company in Atlanta, if you have been in the Atl during carnival then you already know who they are.

So anyway you all know Queenneeka is raw to the point so I was a bit skeptical because I didnt want to have to burst out laughing over some bulls*** talent, but to my suprise the artist were good with the exeption of one, you know there is always a group that has to many people on stage and they aint doing nothing, the only mob of people to sucessfully pull that of was Wu Tang but they all had talent. The contest was tight though, Akons DJ  Benny was one of the judges along with True from Krushmore and Fan Hitz of course, just to mention DJ UNK was in the building aswell. Anyway the winner recieved a $2000 cash prize and a Press and production kit from Really people if your in the Atl and have talent then I definately encourage you to enter the contest in the future.

Check out the winner El Bells and the top contenders below.



El Bells  from South Jamaica Queens was the winner of night he now resides in College Park Georgia. El started out by watching his friends do their thing musically and got inspired to cultivate his own sound. He drew his inspiration from artist such as Nas and LL Cool J, but his sound is so much different than that his music has a mixture of Queens and Atlanta, which elevated him from the rest of the contenders, not only did his music rock the crowd more than the others but his stage presence was what took him over the top. When El Bells took the stage (by himself no back up) he automatically drew the audience in with his domineering presence. His electric sound and signature move of walking on his tippe toes as he ejected his lyrics was definitely a crowd pleaser El says about his two step that "it was just something that came to him a year ago and he decided to put it out there to the audience". His outfit was just a reflection of his easy going spirit a burgundy shirt, with jeans and a hat to match his swag. When asked about his win he said "he had faith and knew he would take it", El Bells said that "he didn’t get any sleep in preparation for the night" and it actually paid off. He is currently in the studio banging it out recording tracks and he just signed with the Elizabeth Kaine agency to help promote his career. You can hear more and keep up with him  @Elbells1 on twitter.


Nana Binghi, from the US Virgin Islands,  now resides in Lawrenceville Georgia, but is roots are from Ghana, his music is a mix of reggae and African music, influenced by Mutaburuka and Sizzla Kalonji the culture throughout the Caribbean islands. He believes that although he was born in the Virgin islands he identifies his self by his roots of Ghana, Binghi references that a German shepherd can be born anywhere in the world but it would still be a German shepherd same as his with his African roots. He wore a grey sneakers with white pants a t -shirt and a vest that had the colors of Ghana on the back.  Nana Binghy was one of the favorites of the night for the crowd, he brought a creative mix of Africa and the Islands, I would say that I actually enjoyed listening to his music and would like to hear more from him you can reach him @nanabinghi on twitter and nana binghi on facebook.


King Lion, from the US Virgin Islands of  ST. Thomas and now lives in Atlanta. King Lion actually won this contest before when it was just a $100 prize, but his luck did not continue on to this contest. However King Lion was definitely in at the top of the contenders to take it. His music is about life and reality, one of his friends encouraged him to pursue a music career because his voice is so commanding. His musical influences stem from, Pressure Buss Pipes to Jah Cure ( two of my Favorite artist) and Christopher Martin. His ensemble was a t-shirt and camouflage pants. King Lions his mix tape comes out in November called “Two sides to my story” he hopes to have a party at Club 426 to promote the mix tape.  When King Lion took the stage his voice got everyone’s attention, think of being in a spot and hearing a powerful roar of a musician take the stage, I definitely know why they call him King lion, his talent  and message can be linked to the ranks of his musical influences very socially conscious. You can follw him on @only1kinglion on twitter and kingliondefuture on facebook.







One of the years most anticipated albums dropped on Monday, Watch the throne has been in the making, waiting for a minute. I haven't coped it yet so if you have leave a comment as to if it rocks or not.


I went to the Royal Peacok this weekend to see Fambo  perform his song " Rum and Red Bull" amongst other songs, I will have to say that his performance was one of the most energetic I've seen in a while, he was on fire chopping up his latest hit along with some others that were hot, I'm a avid hip hop head ( and love reggae to) so I'm no stranger to people flowing a ripping it on the mic or in a syfer, so to see a reggae artist go HAM on the mic was one of the best experiences, this guy is going places I definitely recommend if he is in your town to go see him and get hype.

I caught him when he got of stage, he is a real chill dude.

Check out his video with Beenie man below...


I was surfing the other day and ran across this pic of this album cover promoting this dude, initially the cover caught my attention ( many reasons, the shot looks super official like he was really standing at this location "hood", not like those other album covers that have a green screen computer generated hood  behind it) so naturally I was inquisitive to here what the real streets sound like ( after being drowned with so much "racks on racks" and "pretty boy swag"). Anyway I decided to listen to his song and as I thought he is official sounding, almost like how Game sound when he first came out but better. The hit "Hood Gone Love it" is def the ish, sounds like a down south hook with a punch line message, " you ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love it", "watch a young player show his a** out in public" that's whats up Jay Rock let them know that you do it for your peoples off rip, but I suspect that the rest of the world would still like it . It's a tight a** song, something to def download to the Ipod and bump in the ride.

Okay so once again a rapper has a real moment and people want to jump on him about it, he just was trying to get a point a cross and have a connection with his audience. IDK watch the video below and let me know what you think. Leave a comment.

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