Friday, April 22, 2011


We all remember Coolio from his hit song "Gangsta Paradise", and his acting gigs right. Buuut what in he hell happened to his head, I'm just saying that ish is not kool at all. It is apparent to me that men are very sensitive about loosing their hair, for instance Steve Harvey wore a hair peice most of his career to hide his balding head, Donald Trump and his famous comb over, (I will even recognize the local folks) I was at MC D's the other day and saw this man who clearly had the George Jefferson going on, but this fool spray painted his scalp in an effort to disguise it (epic fail). * PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT* Guys if your going bald please don't try to hold on to the little morsel of hair that remains, a clean shave is just as sexy as a full head of hair, what is not at all sexy is you trying to save your hair and emphasizing the fact that your a** is old and balding. Please spare your self the embarrassment.

Back to Coolio, you really must be sad that you look like this, I see this all the time used to be famous people that try to hold on to what they think is their trade mark, so okay your hair is going, going, gone, stop yourself from looking like this ( retarded) and reinvent yourself, you were a great actor, sooo shave your head and get more roles. Simple solution, this way you won't have to look like this anymore. SMH. Leave a comment should men that are balding hold on or shave off?


  1. Not a good look. Does he have a hair/scalp disease? Or is it some ppl don't know when to give up and go bald!

  2. some people just don't know how to give up. Why he has a tatoo in his bald spot, real creative there (stop it).