Tuesday, January 4, 2022


It’s started with my 9 year old saying mommy I have a headache about 2 days in a row ( please don’t ignore this signal). Little kids don’t usually have headaches, so I gave her some Tylenol,  then I noticed my husband & I had a headache to still not realizing what it could be cause we were drinking wine the night prior to the headache so we figured a hangover or bad wine sigh!  Two days later my daughter wakes up screaming my head hurt sooo bad the scream was gut wrenching I knew she was really suffering, more Tylenol & told her to rest the day went by quick as she just rested I thought a side affect of the Tylenol ( you know give the kid Tylenol to make them sleep, never been a fan of that) but that was my assumption at the time. She woke up feeling ok enough to play some roblox & Minecraft eat a bit so I was like ok. But honestly the headache thing was bothering me, later that night the crash happened, her  headache returned this time with a high temperature of 101.9 oh know she is sick I thought. Since she was a baby I was never the type of parent to just let her be sick even with this covid virus I knew if she got it I would to because I’m going to comfort my baby girl. So we tylenoled to temp down she was able to sleep, the next few days was just managing the temp so it won’t spike & pumping her with vitamins & nutrients. Hubby & I felt fine  after the initial headache  it had been about a week since then, no major symptoms occasional runny nose but I have bad sinuses so attributed it to that. My daughter in the other hand went through the gambit, headache, slight fever, fatigue, muscle pain ( she complained her legs hurt) stuffy nose, then a cough. 

Suddenly 5 days after the headache, 3 days after our daughter went through her thing but still coughing, my husband says "I feel bad", HuH!! we had just eaten a burrito so I say "stomach bad" he says "no I have chills I just don’t feel comfortable in my skin". Ok so this could be a life revealing moment or lol, anyways we checked his temp & "Bing Bong" his temp was creeping up to 101. oh no! What the hell is going on? He took some ibuprofen to keep it under control. The next day was the same for him chills hot cold temp irregular, so then we decided we all need to take an at home covid test. He took his first it read POSITIVE!  I’m like these test aren’t accurate then my daughter took hers POSITIVE! hmmm usually our test are negative, so I took one to POSITIVE. But I feel fine in fact I felt great! My husband over the next 3 days went through cold chills, sweats, temp fluctuations, fatigue, no muscle pains tho, stuffy nose. In my mind I’m like I guess I’m ok. 

Until day 7 after the initial headache, it was a normal day no symptoms but that night I went to sleep early then was woken up by cold chills, I felt my body fighting something I said to my husband "check my temp" he did it was 101.9 not usual for me, I took some Tylenol & went back to sleep. When I woke the next morning things were not the same as the day before I was fatigue, uncomfortable in my skin, my eyes hurt when I looked up, my head hurt when I bent down, I really had covid I thought. After two years of living indoors not a really even going anywhere masked up I got this shit. I knew exactly what had occurred my daughter brought us a gift from school ( this was my concern when they went back to in person learning). Ok so from watching my daughter & my husband go through this I knew what to expect or did I ?  

Everyday we made tea & kept it in a flask to drink it constantly, we took vitamin C & D & black seed oil in the mornings along with eating pineapples, oranges, strawberries etc I ate as much as I could ( well honestly I ate a lot) to keep my body from  going down, before bed I took a Tylenol so I could sleep & a shot of oregano oil with lots of water. We washed our sheets every  other day but microban  our  pillows daily, wiped down our light switches, countertops, toilet seats, door handles etc. sprayed out each room with Lysol turned on the fan to air them out opened the windows.  My symptoms progressed as they did in my daughter & husband, the worst part for me was the sinus congestion, because of my sinus issues this was exaggerated I could not get any relief I blew my nose constantly I expelled all mucus & phlegm because you just don’t want that stuff to get into your chest & lungs just spit it out!!  

Any way day 10 from initial headache I’m suffering bad with this sinus issues I decided to eat a tablespoon of honey locally grown ( what I usually do in the spring to relieve my allergies) & I said forget it I’m taking a shot of whiskey, this cleared my sinus. This is what worked for me after days of sinus pressure, blockage runnings etc.  By day 12 & 14 I was about 85% better and progressing still spitting out phlegm & taking my back seed out vitamins, oregano oil eating pineapples & fruits hot tea daily, no dairy light protein. Oh yeah I’m not vaccinated but my husband is & we went through the same things.  Basically BUILD YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM DAILY! MY COVID STORY!!