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The long trail that started with the fight to get an indictment for the murder of a young man in Florida by the name of Trayvon Martin is now over. Back story for those who have been under a rock the past year, Trayvon martin was killed walking down the street by George Zimmerman who was a neighborhood watch captain and suspected Martin of suspicious behavior. however martin was on is way home from the store and was aggressively followed by Zimmerman. Police instructed Zimmerman to cease and Desi's from following the then 17 year old but he did not listen an altercation in sued between the two and Zimmerman shot Martin who was unarmed at the time. Zimmerman was not initially charged in the case because of a state law called stand your ground, however after Martins parents along with support from America  they charged him. This Saturday the jury finally made a decision after deliberating for over 48 hours, but the verdict was even more of a disappointment , Zimmerman was found not guilty, which is a slap in the face, A young man that could be anyone son was killed for just walking down the street and his murderer was not charged. In my opinion the verdict can be attributed to a poor prosecution and a justice system that is a joke. 

The other secret Apple items revealed
The much awaited ipad min was one of the items that was shown in the last trade event from the apple company but it seemed to have been a cover for other fourth generation items that the company had been secretly working on:
15 & 13 inch Mac Book Pro :
 What changed: a groundbreaking Retina display. All-flash architecture. The fastest mobile processors. Remarkably thin and light 13‑inch and 15‑inch designs. 
Like a reverse of your wife the iMac appears to shed inches every time it is relaunched it is now only 55mm’s thick.
Four USB ports, SD card reader, HDMI, up to 16GB of RAM, and up to 1TB HDD or 256GB SSD
                               Now (my we have come a long way)
ipad 4
Retina Display
A6X processor that "doubles the performance of CPU tasks".
The battery lasts up to 10 hours, and the tablet features an updated 720p FaceTime camera on the front panel.
The new iPad comes in a new cellular version expands LTE coverage and will also feature the new Lightning connector found with the iPhone 5

 Hurricane Hits Cuba
As we slept last night Apparently a hurricane (Sandy)hit the shores of Cuba.  But of course in Cuba they weren’t too alarmed and are even more ready to deal with Hurricanes than most American cities…and Americans for that matter.


American Autobahn
Lawmakers have been toying with the idea of increasing the speed limit but now Texas has actually done it now you can go 85 miles an hour legally on a limited stretch of road in the state.  Of course this means that  94 miles an hour is definitely an option.

Gabby Douglas reportedly to go Trick or Treating as   Gabby Douglas Olympian
Reportely Gabby is going to put on her medals and Trick or Treat as her self to see how many folk think she is herself.  If she really wanted to fool folks she should do her hair…lol.  Just kidding Gabby is a fine female even on her worst day. 

Georgia megachurch shooting suspect in custody
See what happens when you don pay your tithes.
Remember when going to creflo’s church take your bible and bullet proof vest
Aparently suspect, who shot a man in the middle of church in the middle of service was caught at the mall…wtf.  How about running?

Iron Man three trailers are out.
 Are you exited....I'm excited!

Young girls infiltrating the Judicial System
Girls the fastest growing sector in the US Justice system -  small crimes are said to lead most girls out of school and for most it is hard to return. tsk tsk tsk

Windows 8 how it works

3 year business tax offset.  California attracts new companies by cutting taxes to attract start-ups
Time to start that new Weed co-op.... I mean medical marijuana facility.


OLD Ketchup
 – New Hersey someone found an old Heinz factory and decided to make money filling the bottles up fake Heinz ketchup to make a few extra bucks.   Unfortunately the ingredients were so old the ketchup fermented and exploded.  Damn terrorists

Meningittus in Mass 
-  The meningitis outbreak that is killing people nationwide has been blamed on sanitation issues at a drug plant in a Massachusetts company called New England Compounding Systems.  So steroid a shot for back pain  seem to be the culprit.

Meningitis is a disease caused by the inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord known as the meninges. The inflammation is usually caused by an infection of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.
Meningitis may develop in response to a number of causes, usually bacteria or viruses, but meningitis can also be caused by physical injury, cancer or certain drugs.
The severity of illness and the treatment for meningitis differ depending on the cause. Thus, it is important to know the specific cause of meningitis. (

It’s the Klan Man
KKK files a lawsuit in Georgia because they aren’t allowed to adopt a highway.  Funny mask men who run around burning down houses, raping women and committing internal terrorist  has the nerve to file a suit in court for freedom of speech.  Seems the obvious solution is to put on those masks and go adopt that highway by force.  Since when has puny law stopped the Klu Klutz Klan


According to ESPN Puerto Rican (yes not black this time) Orlando Cruz says he's a proud gay man and will continue to box professionally.  This marks the first time in history that any competing male boxer has come out and "admitted that he is gay.  Of course we all assume that most of the female boxers are lesbians. -James Askew


Romney Does anything to what cost?

       At this point it is no secret that Mitt Romney "won" the debate but at what cost?   CNN has confirmed at least 25 lies that were told to the American people in only 38 minutes.  At this rate American can definitely expect to get jerked around if he does actually win the presidency.  What most are still searching for though is the game plan.  Romney said he would create jobs but didn't say how and he also said he would  get rid of Obama care "yet keep what is good".  Like a coach who says he's going to turn around the team by winning games but never saying what he is going to do different. If it is cool to  lie and win then where are we coming from or going to? -James Askew


In the UK an organized group of protesters took to the streets first starting in a town called Tottenham a city close to London and now they are 120 miles away from London in a town called Birmingham.  

The struggle just got realer than ever, 20,000 children plus died last week in Somalia, and other neighboring countries in Africa. With all the food we waste here in America to think that people in Africa are starving ( I know sounds cliche right, we have heard it all our lives people, but it's certainly not just a saying, they really are dying).

 Two nights ago my husband and I watched a documentary called "God grew tired of us" I recommend all of you to watch it, it was about the lost boys of Sudan and their journey. In Sudan there is war and all little boys are the main target, so they had to walk across the desert to survive, when they started out they were 27,000 by the time they got to Ethiopia and Kenya there were only 12,000 left.

Ethiopia and Kenya took them in and gave them refuge, now today those very countries need refuge themselves from the drought that has taken their livestock and food supply. 

 Please find it in your heart to help save a life, it doesn't matter your ethnicity we are all members of one race the Human race and we need to help each other, this is how God designed us. The link below has a list of charities that you can donate to. One Love. 

The regions that are affected most are Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, these nations need our help.
A malnourished starved child lay on his mat.

This baby is malnourished and probably won't survive.

Children wait in line for their rations that they get only one a day.

Mothers cling to their children top comfort their hunger pains, with no hope of where the next meal will come from.

This is a picture of the livestock in Africa, that has died from starvation and dehydration, this was their food source.

Apparently they felt some type of way after the death of a 29 year old man, who was shot. the group of rioters are suspected to be  in their early teans. Police on te scene have done nothing to take charge of the issue and the riots are going on their 3 day. This is a crying shame for the UK right now you can't contain your towns ow will you protect against real danger, someone needs to get fired. I have sources in Birmingham and according to them the police has not used any techniques to dismantle the group, the Birmingham community is growing frustrated with the lack of help from the government. Sources say that the group is communicating through Blackberry ( just what this company needs more bad publicity) . I have to hand it to them they seem to be very organized, but this is not a video game action like this affect real lives and have real consequences.

About a two weeks ago Queen Neeka reported on the Debt ceiling issue and the fact that the President walked out of a meeting because the Republicans were not doing what they said they would, the deadline for both parties to come to an agreement was yesterday 8/01/11 they came to an agreement on Sunday 7/31/11. Is it me or does Congress and the Senate play to many games, they waited until the last minute.  I don't know about you all but I'm really starting to loose trust in them, not the President but those who think its cute to play games because they don't want to help Obama resolve anything, the conniving nature of the present Republicans in Congress is repulsive, we the American people suffer because of their bull sh**. ( Did you know that had they not made a decision we would have been truly up the creek, our dollar would have declined in value and our interest rates would have sky rocketed). The economy is already jacked up we cannot afford any more hits, ( Now I'm not in total agreeance with raising the debt ceiling, but its better than not doing anything) "Nothing beats a failure but a try". Let me know what your view is on this, Please leave a comment.

A South African man awoke Sunday afternoon after spending 21 hours in a morgue fridge. His family reportedly assumed he died after an asthma attack and called an undertaker to remove him from their house. 
When the undertaker got there, the driver examined the body, checked his pulse, looked for a heartbeat, but there was nothing,"
But a day after staff put the body into a locked refrigerated compartment, morgue workers heard someone shouting for help. The man woke up and screamed to be let out.  They thought it was a ghost. Afterward, he was then taken to a hospital for evaluation and released.
                                          Lucky man don’t  you think?
Story written by Jeff


There is no denying his blackness, what other President you know walk out of a meeting that he called ( just jokes). Anyway in all seriousness and it really is serious,  if you haven't been keeping up with politics or the economy, we as Americans are facing a world of trouble not just a recession, our debt as a nation is tumultuous. President Obama held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the debts of the nation and  to come up with a long term plan to raise the debt ceiling, he was under the impression that the Republicans and Democrats were in agreeance, but when the meeting began the Republicans opted for a temporary extension on the debt ceiling, which upset the president. He told them not to call his bluff and that they were proving the American public right with this issue, he then pushed back from the table and said " Ill see you tomorrow" and walked out.  I do understand his anger, because its like you say your gonna do one thing then you don't,  not only that you refuse to take a permanent stand, how can we have leaders in government that can't make decisions. Just so you get a better picture of what we are facing, if congress cannot reach a negotiated decision by August 2 and cannot pay their bills, interest rates will go up and the value of the American dollar will decline. Ill keep you all posted, Obama has called another meeting for Friday.


Lets see where to begin the conspiracy ultimate setup of the century, the chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Dominique Strauss Kahn was accused this week of attempting to rape an African Housekeeper, according to reports he forced  his self on her trying to rip of her clothing and forcibly making her perform oral sex or attempted to he was in Manhattan on business. Okay so he has been sitting in Rykers Island all week and was denied bail until yesterday the judge decided to grant him bail under certain conditions, (people red these condition this is ridiculous) he has to post 1mil in bail and 5mil as a security he has to remain in the Us until the matter is sorted out and has to maintain 24 hour surveillance. WTF well he was in charge of the monetary fund so this should be chump change for him. His devoted wife originally found an apartment for him to live in while here, but according to reports another tenant in the apartment building did not like the idea and requested that he not move in, Dominique wife is now scrambling to find an apartment so he can be released. This ish sound mad suspect in my opinion, this may cause some international tension with France and I can bet this whole thing has some political undertone. Leave a comment and let me know your opinion on the whole thing..


Just in a gunman opens fire at a Rio De Janeiro elementary school in Brazil, 13 people are dead including the Gunman, 20 others are injured. The gunman was 23 and a former student of the school, at the scene he left a note indicating that he wanted to kill himself, authorities are not sure why he opened fire on the other students. His body lies among his victims, the Media is not certain if he took his own life or if the police killed him at this time. Stay tuned for updates.


Teens out on a joyride slams into a house in Dekalb County GA early Friday morning, police have apprehended the 14 year old driver. Question where are the parents during this whole incident, your kids missing from the house and you don't know. (SMH)


Martinsville Indiana one teen shot after a former student, who authorities say was not suppose to be on the property opened fire. The injured teen was airlifted to the hospital, his condition remain unknown, both students were not identified.


Many in Congress and in the political world are questioning the presidents decision to intervene in the Libyan Civil war conflict, there are even talk of impeachment. The president an the UN sanctioned to step in and protect the lives of the civilians in Libya. Sidebar There are many people in other nations that face the same fate as those in Libya, now I am not saying that we shouldn't help them but I cant help but think that those other Countries that need our assistance and don't get it are not oil rich countries so maybe that is why we are not to quick to assist. However just as an FYI to fly a fighter jet and use a missile cost us taxpayers upward towards a million dollars per trip, this money could be used to help our economy and keep Americans from loosing their houses each day. So you decide. Please leave a comment.

Photos provided by CNN


Test results were at high levels for vegetables grown in Japan, such as broccoli and cabbage, The U.S have suspended all food imports from that region until they can get a handle on the radiation, form Japans Nuclear plants.


Today in Tripoli Libya the United States and its Allies have bombed the compound where Gadhafi was supposed to hiding out, however the Libyan leader remains nowhere to be found.

Question are we tryin to kill him and if so why, is there some kind of tribune that is suppose to handle things like this. Have we not learned from the Saddam situation. Do the rest of the world ( America ) have the right to take out leaders at will, if so then what will prevent this type of thing from occurring here? Just wondering, please leave comments. 


Reports from Nate Doggs family and lawyer says that the LA rapper died on March 15th. The cause of death has been linked to complications of stokes he suffered back in 2008. RIP Nate Dogg we will definately miss you. Condolences to his family.


Photos from Yahoo

Early friday morning tsunami hits Japan a result of an 8.9 magnitude earthquake that occured in the pacific ocean. Warnings and alerts are in effect for Hawaii, the West Coast of America and other surrpunging countries.

Tornado Hits Theodore Alabama

Pictures from CNN

Small town in Alabama was it by a tornado early this morning. Flash floods and heavy winds continue to hit the southeast.

Moammar Gadhafi Conflicting stories in Lybia about his resignation. Opposers claim that he has agreed to consed  and flee the country, but first he want to be protected and his family protected. However those that are close to him denies that he has made any agreement. ( okay so this leader has control of the army and the weapons in Lybia still and he is asking for protection, I dont know seems like he has all the protection he needs at the moment so why give it up). The Middle East is in reconstruction mode right now and I guess its thanks to the Eastern influences that we have established in that region. So I guess Bush has succeeded in leaving his legacy in the world.

I'm not sure if you guys have been following this story, however a quick run down. We all know about the drug wars that has been happening in Mexico, so there is a small town called  Praxedis G. Guerrero, which is supposedly close to all the activities. Anyway the political officials in this town have been all decapitated by allegedly by the members of the drug cartel. Now back to the current story,  21-year-old Marisol Valles  a criminology student here in America, decided that she has what it takes to protect the citizens of the town so she became police chief sometime back in October. OK sidebar you learn some stuff in a book and feel you can go against a drug cartel in Mexico ( where the do that at). Now she has fled Mexico to seek asylum from America because she has gotten death threats, anyway since she did not show up for work this morning she was fired ( if that's all you got then count your blessings). Another side bar, people please don't get it confused criminals and gangsters in third world countries are for real, Firstly they don't have the luxuries that we do such as a government issued rights for protection, legal representation, prison rights, these people are serious because there are no options for them other than starving and death ( word to the wise). I really hope this young lady finish her studies and seek a safer job, saaay in America.


I'm not sure if you all have been keeping up with the international scandal that began in London, anyway let me bring you up to speed. The Scotland yard ( police in the UK) has been under investigations for hacking into a teen boys cell phone to sell information to the press mainly to this big conglomerate called "Te news of the World" which is similar to CNN  here in the US, the news corporation is owned by Rupert Murdoch ( picture shown above) they are accused of buying inside information from the police heads in the UK. Ok so now you all are somewhat caught up on this here's what recently happened, usually in the US when a major corporation is accused they have to give a statement and and answer to a panel of questions, same as the UK, well while Murdoch was testifying he was attacked and his your wife came to his defense, see video below. All i have to say is wives be winning don't mess with their husbands.

A protester attacked Rupert Murdoch with what appeared to be a plate of shaving cream.
Whatever your impression of Mr. Murdoch is, no one has the right to physically attack and criminally assault the Gentleman. Further, the Parliamentarian who invited this “low-life nut-case” should also be liable and responsible for violating the rules and integrity of the House of Commons.

Comment by: Jeff..

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