Monday, June 27, 2016


The best speech of the year when it comes to celebrities was Jesse Williams last night on the 2016 BET Awards. It is so refreshing to see that some celebs are a wake to the injustice of black people in America, he used his opportunity to talk to all of us about what we have been enduring in this country. i think this speech will spark alot of movement and inspire our community to seek real freedom and not this new age slavery that has been going on see speech below...

Sheila E tribute to prince was the just moving to see her, a legend giving us her all in this performance was magical.

Need I say more Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce set the tone for the show, their performance was amazing and the song "Freedom" was fitting another message from the awake celebrities. 

Jennifer Hudson gave a touching performance last night, her tribute to the late Prince gave many goosebumps and left them with welled up eyes. She killed it and her emotions for the loss of one of musics greatest artist was definitely felt. 

Okay so I'm confused, rumor mill!!! Toni Braxton and Birdman was at the BET Awards cuddled up, I don't know it looks like they might be dating. This is a very odd pairing "Put some spect on it" dude and "Embrace my Heart" chic sound like oil and water but we will keep you all posted on this New couple alert. 

Monday, May 9, 2016


So I finally decided to listen to the new Dej Loaf Mixtape " All Jokes Aside " and honestly all jokes aside I'm impressed. For a minute I figured that she was going to be another fly by night one hit wonder, her recent projects haven't really reached the heights of the debut song "Try Me". Buuut this new Mixtape in my opinion has a lot of potential to get her back on top, (Spoiler) one particular song with the legendary and incognito Silk the Shocker is a definite banger, hats off to Dej for getting him on the song and yes he murdered it as he should have.  Check it out and leave a comment, let me know if you all are feeling it or not. 

Monday, April 25, 2016


 People have a lot to say on Beyonce's new Video Album "Lemonade", speculations as to JayZ infidelity the bey hive going crazy on Rachelle Roy page telling her to kill herself. The Bey hive need to chill everybody has marital problems but what not cool is to flood someones time line telling them to commit suicide this woman  is a mother no matter how you feel about her ( not sure if fans should be this emotional ) but anyway be responsible for your actions people. Now lets get into this Artistic Piece, firstly I would like to thank Beyonce for putting together this beautiful art and allowing us the general public to have access to something of this magnitude. I have to say being a wife and a mother I truly understood her message and what she was trying to convey, marriage is not an easy thing you loose and gain yourself all at the same time, so keep pushing, Jay looks like he is a great father and that is hard to come by but still don't compromise your standards, plus he cant do no better Bey your at the top of the food chain. LOL

This pose is everything Beyonce embodies the epitome of Nubian Queen with the hair style and the pose. I luv this one.

The flowing dresses in this video to me represent a kind of freedom, ladies we all know that a nice flowing dress in the summer is life. 

The warrior Bey, I have to recognize the African patterns that she is using through out the piece, accompanied by the natural sisters, really portray a positive image for young girls. 

Question how the hell Bey get Serena Williams to twerk in a video, very dope to have friends like. Lately the media has been trying to strip Serena of her beauty by calling her a man an so on so for Bey to specifically have her in here is great, let the world now that a healthy muscular black woman on her shit is beauty.

This Dress just speaks for its self a beautiful African print and design her tapping into the country music genre was great and i will say I hope she breaks into that category and dominates.

I really wish I had a better picture but this Lace one piece is just gorgeous, the fashion in this piece is top notch I really wished she had made pieces like this this "House of Dereon" 

At this point in the video we see a lot of delusion and craziness in Bey eyes but rightfully so strife with the person that is closest to you can draw out the insanity. Anyway the dress was beautiful but the real star of this show is her shoes. 

This is my Favorite piece n this entire video and trust me they are all on point but the head piece is just pure dopeness on many levels and of course Beyonce rocks it with perfection. 

I'm not gonna lie when Mike Brown Mom shed a tear I did to, you can see and feel the hurt in her eyes. I tell you is nothing on the planet like loosing a child it haunts you on the good days a dam near cripple you on the bad days. I am loving the new message that Bey is portraying the awareness that she is bringing to this epidemic. these types of crimes are not new but they are being more recorded and now we have technology they the cowards that kill us with no regard that take away our fathers, sons, sisters, and mothers will have to face the public directly, the law that try to protect them can no longer because even if they get off from the charges your life will never be the same. We are awake...QN  thanks for viewing my blog drop a comment...

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Okay Atlanta, the annual Record store day at one of the cities music pulse is on the way. Yes I’m talking about DBS SOUNDS Record Store Day if you an artist signed or unsigned this is the place to be Saturday April 16, 2016. If you are familiar with my blog then you know every year all the industry insiders come out to show love to the Record stores and all their contribution to the labels and artist, this year’s event is being sponsored by Warner Music Group. But it doesn’t stop their DBS Sounds loves to give back to the community so this year they will have barbers on site to give free haircuts, face painting for the kids, live performances and my favorite free food, yes and the food is always on point. Special invited guest this year amongst a host of others is the legendary Slim from one of our favorite groups 112, so make sure your in the building, the event is from 11am – 7pm 6610 Highway 85, Riverdale Georgia. 

Monday, April 4, 2016


Pollen season in Georgia is like winter in New York, literally little yellow power float threw the air covering everything and anything. This annual dusting has really gotten out of control over the past few years, makes you think what the hell is this stiff. When the CDC reports that they will be making mosquito’s this year and release them to neutralize the regular mosquito’s that may carry the Nile virus, makes you think what else can they do. Follow me for a second, every year around this time since I have been in Georgia the pollen has been bad, but as of lately it has gotten severely worst, to the point that people are dying from asthma attacks in higher numbers than before. Food for thought. A little advice if you’re in Georgia or anywhere else that may be part of this experiment, local honey reduces the allergic reactions. 

Friday, April 1, 2016


One of the most unlikely partnership occurred this week. Grammy nominated producer and reality TV star Stevie J has partnered up with a company that makes female menstrual under garment. Yes you read it right Pretty Panty the name of the company was founded in Atlanta in 2011, their mission is to provide a pretty, secure garment for ladies menstrual cycles. The unlikely pair may be a hit because the company’s line in now being distributed and sold at Wal-Mart. Yes ladies you will now have the opportunity of Stevie being in your panties or at least make them. I for one think this is a dope partnership and shows Stevie J’s business side, kudos to him and Pretty Panty. Ladies if you have tried this product leave a comment.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Best dressed was Faith Evans she look so effort less and old Hollywood , great look on her. 

Sometimes its hard for men to get the dress code right and be fachion forward but Shad Moss aka Bow wow did this time around the tie is really setting this look off for him Luv it Best dressed male. 

Okay Andra Day I get that your going for the different look but really this is just plain ugly its just the puffy shoes and the dress I'm just not feeling this look at all, maybe next time. 

this is just out there Joy Villa question how you suppose to sit down in this thing? 


The most memorable moments to QN were Lionel Richie's honor performance was good Demi Lavato definitely let it known that her vocal range is the real deal, Tyrese tribute song brought everyone to there feet & Lionel came ob stage & kept people moving no shade but he was hype trying to get the other singers to do some kind of kick line dance idk.

Little big town  song "Girl Crush" is dope, what else can I say the way the play on words is genius. 

Stevie wonder gave a great beat box rendition, this is why he is still making music and selling out arenas, because he continues to reinvent his self and still retain his own swag.

Eagles performance was good the beginning was a bit weird the transition part

All the rave today was Kendrick Lamar and his performance, i have to give it up to him he has brought controversial lyrics and visuals to the mainstream media and they are all lapping it up like dogs, to the rest of the culture we are proud that he is maintaining who he is but really we are used to spoken word and powerful messages from talented people none the less Kudos to Kendrick. 

Shots, is it me or was Taylor Swift bussin shots at Kanye with her speech, ( back ground info) Kanye claims that he made Taylor Swift popular by his little incident a few years back.  On the Grammy's last night Taylor said that "people will try and take credit for your success, but know that you are the reason why you are so successful" um yeah looks like some shade to me, what do you think?

Lady Gaga gave a great tribute performance to the late David Bowie .

Okay so a year ago this young lady was a mail Carrier making music with her high school friend now she just won a Grammy congratulations Alabama Shakes. 

Johni Depp and his band Hollywood Vampires made their debut performance last night at the Grammy's, what did you all think?

Sam smith 2016 i must say his lost weight and look great, just saying he didn't look like this before I guess after winning so many Grammys last year he got an upgrade, good for you Sam. Below is his picture from last year. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

*** CUTTING IT IN THE ATL Rundown***

Okay so being that the weather has been a little colder than I can take Ive been catching up on the WE TV programs. Starting with this new show Cutting it in the ATL  cast are Beauti owner of Spoiled Opulance, Maja owner of $50 weaves, Mushiya owner of the Damn Salon and Diedra owner of JDoah. Lets see where to start, it is a shame to see black business women fighting on television over the most ridiculous things it really embarrassing and then the icing on the cake is that all these women are vicious , shiesty and beyond shady. but we will stay tuned they may progress. Let me know what yall think about this.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Bill Cosby as we all remember him to be our 1980 Father figure whom we all watched and cherished over the years, even through his rants and talk of the black race. Nonetheless in today's society any one is fair game to be destroyed and ridiculed in the public eye. Here is a man who is beloved by all people at one point belittled and accused of the most ridiculous charge of drugging women and raping them while they are unconscious, I mean seriously how you know you got raped, how we know you wasn't high on some kind of drug and don't remember doing stuff. For all we know they were wide awake and willing participants that did like the treatment the received afterwards ( I'm just saying so many scenarios). Bill Cosby is in his late seventies and according to sources he is blind in one eye, why now to destroy his reputation, Phyllicia Rashad was quoted today speaking out about the situation saying "they are destroying his legacy" yes indeed I firmly believe this was the mission as well. However there are some people who have seen this for what it was from the start and did not believe the allegations, for example his lawyer  Monique Pressley who in recent news have fought to get his new charges dropped, the District Attorney dropped the recent 2008 case against Cosby because the statute of limitations are up and the fact that the case had insufficient evidence to begin with. Anyways in short this is just another ploy to destroy a key figure in the black culture lets not forget about Micheal Jackson. weigh in leave a comment let me know what you all think. 

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