Monday, July 18, 2011


Mel B AKA scary spice is definitely now scary anymore, for  a pregos chic she really looks great, she was on her way the relax at the pool of her hotel in Los Angeles.

Solange Solange, okay I really thought you were coming into your own when you went natural now it seems your just tryna get noticed and blow up, so singing didn't do it for you, kool leave it to your sister now your a DJ ??? really if we didn't like your music when it was your own why would we want you to play for us. IDK, rumors have it that if this doesn't work she is going to try modeling. Really how about give it up so to college and just forget about entertainment all together, look at the Jessica Simpson / Ashley Simpson situation and learn from it.

Will an his boy toy ( I mean wife ) Jada out Golfing, don't get me wrong I luv Will and Jada I just feel Jada looks like a little boy more than a woman, Just saying maybe a little to much surgery, I suggest eating more and working on a booty.

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