Thursday, January 7, 2016


Bill Cosby as we all remember him to be our 1980 Father figure whom we all watched and cherished over the years, even through his rants and talk of the black race. Nonetheless in today's society any one is fair game to be destroyed and ridiculed in the public eye. Here is a man who is beloved by all people at one point belittled and accused of the most ridiculous charge of drugging women and raping them while they are unconscious, I mean seriously how you know you got raped, how we know you wasn't high on some kind of drug and don't remember doing stuff. For all we know they were wide awake and willing participants that did like the treatment the received afterwards ( I'm just saying so many scenarios). Bill Cosby is in his late seventies and according to sources he is blind in one eye, why now to destroy his reputation, Phyllicia Rashad was quoted today speaking out about the situation saying "they are destroying his legacy" yes indeed I firmly believe this was the mission as well. However there are some people who have seen this for what it was from the start and did not believe the allegations, for example his lawyer  Monique Pressley who in recent news have fought to get his new charges dropped, the District Attorney dropped the recent 2008 case against Cosby because the statute of limitations are up and the fact that the case had insufficient evidence to begin with. Anyways in short this is just another ploy to destroy a key figure in the black culture lets not forget about Micheal Jackson. weigh in leave a comment let me know what you all think. 

Life Is So Royal.....

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