Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Apparently looks can be deceiving according to many people in the industry. I have been hearing different stories about drake and his personality and recently he as been catching all types of shade and blows (pun intended) he has had an altercation with Chris Brown ( supposedly over Rihanna) and had bottles thrown at him in clubs, then he got slapped (allegedly) by Diddy for taking a song and now his own label mate is throwing shade at his saying "he is not genuine" according to Tyga of Young Money in an interview on "The Breakfast Club " this week. Question whats really good with the Canadian actor turned rapper who's lyrics and songs we all love. Maybe he needs some friends or a hug IDK but if you need me I'm here for ya Drake (sike) but anyway try to be real wit people and stop stealing things (songs, girls etc) just saying its not a good look homie, but we love you tho.

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