Tuesday, August 2, 2011


About a two weeks ago Queen Neeka reported on the Debt ceiling issue and the fact that the President walked out of a meeting because the Republicans were not doing what they said they would, the deadline for both parties to come to an agreement was yesterday 8/01/11 they came to an agreement on Sunday 7/31/11. Is it me or does Congress and the Senate play to many games, they waited until the last minute.  I don't know about you all but I'm really starting to loose trust in them, not the President but those who think its cute to play games because they don't want to help Obama resolve anything, the conniving nature of the present Republicans in Congress is repulsive, we the American people suffer because of their bull sh**. ( Did you know that had they not made a decision we would have been truly up the creek, our dollar would have declined in value and our interest rates would have sky rocketed). The economy is already jacked up we cannot afford any more hits, ( Now I'm not in total agreeance with raising the debt ceiling, but its better than not doing anything) "Nothing beats a failure but a try". Let me know what your view is on this, Please leave a comment.

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