Monday, August 8, 2011


Atlanta rapper Big Boi was arrested in Miami yesterday after her exited a cruise ship that he was on. According to reports Big Boi was on vacation aboard a cruise liner, but his trip ended on a sour note when he went through customs at the Miami port yesterday after is arrival, US Custom agent found Ecstasy pills and ( powder form) and Viagra. Question why do you need all those drugs, and just maybe its the Ecstasy why you need Viagra, you are to young to be on erectile dysfunction drugs, fellas please preserve you man hood, taking drugs to perform is such a turn off.  Andre 3000 was supposedly aboard the cruise ship  as well.
Words of advice, US Customs is no joke please don't attempt to trick them, from a law enforcement background Postal Police and US Customs are the most relentless departments they go hard and Customs have more jurisdiction than what we think.

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