Monday, August 8, 2011


Rihanna took the stage by storm this weekend on her native island of Barbados, where she has been chillin with friends and family for the past few days.

Dayum Ri do your thing still in Barbados jet skying. I think for me this is whats shows her real character, we can read the media listen to rumors of her being a b**** and believe it or we can see that this girl came from a small island and catapulted into the lime light fast, but the fact remains Rihanna is always at home hanging out with her friends and family so big ups on that, cause I ll definitely be in Antigua doing the same.

Keri Hilson in Atlanta at the Moet Lounge at the Mansion Atlanta, hosted by her. OK Keri nice bod but I just have a feeling your career will suffer the same fate as Ciara's. What do you all think, Leave a comment.

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