Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm not sure if you all have been keeping up with the international scandal that began in London, anyway let me bring you up to speed. The Scotland yard ( police in the UK) has been under investigations for hacking into a teen boys cell phone to sell information to the press mainly to this big conglomerate called "Te news of the World" which is similar to CNN  here in the US, the news corporation is owned by Rupert Murdoch ( picture shown above) they are accused of buying inside information from the police heads in the UK. Ok so now you all are somewhat caught up on this here's what recently happened, usually in the US when a major corporation is accused they have to give a statement and and answer to a panel of questions, same as the UK, well while Murdoch was testifying he was attacked and his your wife came to his defense, see video below. All i have to say is wives be winning don't mess with their husbands.

A protester attacked Rupert Murdoch with what appeared to be a plate of shaving cream.
Whatever your impression of Mr. Murdoch is, no one has the right to physically attack and criminally assault the Gentleman. Further, the Parliamentarian who invited this “low-life nut-case” should also be liable and responsible for violating the rules and integrity of the House of Commons.

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