Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Neyo chilling poolside at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Miami Florida, I can't say that Neyo has ever demonstrated impeccable style when is comes to clothes, I really hope he learns something from being there cause his outfit in this pic is super wack. Word to the wise Neyo step your game up.

Rihanna spotted in NYC yesterday with a shirt that is turned into a dress, hey she is rocking it so can;t complain. But question why do we always see Rihanna with this chic, holding hands or some other gay a** notion, we all have bff's but dam Ri that's kinda mixed signals. IDK what do you all think?

Swizzy and his wife at a Reebok event they all cute and matching, not mad, but those smiles seems forced, hope its not trouble in the union we are seeing.

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