Thursday, July 14, 2011


There is no denying his blackness, what other President you know walk out of a meeting that he called ( just jokes). Anyway in all seriousness and it really is serious,  if you haven't been keeping up with politics or the economy, we as Americans are facing a world of trouble not just a recession, our debt as a nation is tumultuous. President Obama held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the debts of the nation and  to come up with a long term plan to raise the debt ceiling, he was under the impression that the Republicans and Democrats were in agreeance, but when the meeting began the Republicans opted for a temporary extension on the debt ceiling, which upset the president.
He told them not to call his bluff and that they were proving the American public right with this issue, he then pushed back from the table and said " Ill see you tomorrow" and walked out.  I do understand his anger, because its like you say your gonna do one thing then you don't,  not only that you refuse to take a permanent stand, how can we have leaders in government that can't make decisions. Just so you get a better picture of what we are facing, if congress cannot reach a negotiated decision by August 2 and cannot pay their bills, interest rates will go up and the value of the American dollar will decline. Ill keep you all posted, Obama has called another meeting for Friday.

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