Thursday, July 14, 2011


So apparently there was some truth o the incident between Nikki and her Hype man ( boyfriend) according to reports they got into a verbal altercation at the pool of the Palamour Hotel in Dallas that continued to their hotel room ( which they shared together). 
Involving a suit case that Nikki wanted but Safaree took and as she was trying to grab the suit case it hit her in the chin and her teeth cut the inside of her mouth ( causing her to bleed, this is why the paramedics came)  this is according to a supposed police report that TMZ had. (FYI Nikki refused to file any charges, the police reported this because if called to a potential domestic dispute it has to be recorded). Okay well lets not jump to conclusion because as we all know we all have our drama and altercations ( theirs is just publicised because they are well know) so don't judge others and besides that's her life and her biz.

" Dear Nikki please come back" so the blogshere is buzzing with reports that Nikki got slapped down by her (supposedly) longtime  boyfriend Safaree while in Dallas to do a show. However Nikki has a different story claiming that no dude ever hit her and that if he did he would be in a stretcher holding his balls, (lol) I think that's hilarious. Anyway her and Safaree took to their twitter pages to deny the rumors. You be the judge did she really get popped in the mouth or was it a rumor

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