Wednesday, October 14, 2015


 Snoop intro was good set the energy of the show

Young Dro & TIP performance was great, Dro’s hit song car & got no roof was a good choice, TIP came out & just added to the Awesome performance. 

Def squad killed it Redman electrified the beat with his cunning punch lines & animated charisma Keith Murray & Erick sermon definitely delivered & represented 

Def loaf & Kid Ink performance was ok it started a little slow & suspenseful waiting on some surprise of greatness but nothing,  so we settle for just ok the song “Be honest” is a great song though. 

Puffy ,lil Kim & Styles P was a good look. Puffy  song “don't bother me I'm working” was very catchy overall very well put together performance.

I'm digging the Rich Homie Quan performance the way he switched the song melody up was hot,  reminiscent of James Brown 

Scarface winning the I am hip hop award was well deserved

 Beat box Cypher was beyond great Rahzel, Dougie Fresh & Nicole Paris

Other good performances were Travis Scott , I  Heart Memphis with hit “The quan” one of the hottest records out right now, really brought his a game to the hip hop awards, performing his high intensity song and doing it justice, his dancing reminds me of Chris brown (just a little) he may want to work on his breathing look like he was a bit winded. Dj Holiday picking OT Genesis out of the crowd was kool & almost seemed believable (just saying). 

I really hope you all enjoyed the show, I am aware that some people are boycotting BET and the awards because they feel that they should have broadcast the "Justice or Else" march this past Saturday, but really BET made a deal to have their award show a day earlier as to not interfere with the March, ( BET has had this programming the same time for the past 10 years or so) . People the revolution will not be televised stop waiting on the mass media to show you  the way or educate you in any way. Peace..

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