Monday, September 14, 2015


One day I had the TV on the love and hip hop reunion and walked away (do do something) the sound was up so I was still able to hear the television, for some reason at that moment I got a flash back of the Jerry Springer show. Remember back in the 90’s  when Jerry Springer talk show was popular and all the rachetness that was so entertaining, every one rushing home by 5 to see the new story of some broken promises, lies or deception. Oddly it was not the story line that gave me a familiar feeling causing me to connect the two shows together. So after a while it was discovered allegedly that the stories in Jerry Springer were fabricated a bit , coerced, rehearsed and some time just plain made up, this is what the familiar air was the fake sh#@ . For some reason the way the story lines were on this season of “Love and Hip Hop” Atlanta were just a bit to overly dramatic, always some bullsh@# drama , mostly stirred up and instigated by the antagonist Karlie Red,  then the reunion just solidified the sh#@ show that it became. My point is in my opinion the same thing that happened to the Jerry Springer era is about to happen to this franchise, people require a little more substance to actually hold their devotion and attention.

Final Thought: If this is the direction that they want to take the show they should get better writers or put the cast through some type of formal acting classes and keep it real we all know this is not a reality show anymore. I’m Just saying…. 

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