Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Mad Max Interview:

QN: Where are you from?
MadMax: Brooklyn New York by way on Jacmel Haiti.

QN: How did you get your name?
MadMax: People used to say that I got mad quick when I was younger so I just got the nick name Mad Max.

QN: How long have you been djing?
MadMax: For over 15 Years.

QN: When did you fall in love with music?
MadMax: Every since when I was a little Kid I always wanted to entertain people. I can remember going to house with my mom and being the youngest kid their and dancing having people laughing, smile and just entertaining them.

QN: What was the hardest thing you had to do as a dj?
MadMax: Learning how to DJ without head phones.

QN: What advice would you give other up and coming djs?
MadMax: You have to love thee craft and if you’re not in love with it will show through your music and how you play.

QN: At last year’s Salute the djs awards you said that you would be on the stage next year, how did you make that happen?
MadMax: Through grinding persevering and tenacity. Since then I was able to network with Debra Antney (from Love &Hip hop Atl) at last year’s Salute the Djs Award show and now I have a show called Madd Sittn Radio show on her radio station I have also been featured on Tuc Magazine.

QN: How did you feel to win the award? And in the moment what was your thoughts?
MadMax: It felt exhilarating; in the moment my thoughts were yes one of my goals came to fruition.

QN: What’s next for Mad Max?
MadMax: To get on live air and get sponsorships and endorsements.

QN: What mark do you want to leave on the industry?
MadMax: I would like my name to be a household name.

QN: Where can anyone find you?
MadMax: At the hottest international parties in Atlanta.

@Madmaxatl for everything 

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