Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Comedian Katt Williams has been in the news again for some strange a** behavior, first he goes off on the cashier at Target( which is on camera) then he threatens a bar manager with a pool  cue ( allegedly) this guy is on the downward slope to nowhereville, he is making weed smokers look bad, he look like he on some next ish. Anyway heehaws a bench warrant out on him for not going to court in Seattle. Get it together dude.

Lindsay Lohan bail has just been revoked by a judge today this chic need to do some real time I mean how many chances  will she get, she is set to go for a hearing in January to see what slap on the wrist she will get this time.  Not only is she f***ing up in court she is burning bridges as well apparently her "Scary movie5 " costar Charlie Sheen felt bad  for her IRS tax trouble and decided to give her a loan of over $200k and she never even said thanks, Sheen gave an interview saying " she wanted to help out a fellow drug addict" but "she was ungrateful" . These celebs are really messing up. I will keep you all posted on any new developments...

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