Saturday, November 24, 2012


First time I've seen Nicki look so normal and less clownish. Have you seen her E show "My Truth" on the show she chews out her stylist for bringing black out fits for her judging duties on"American Idol" saying "I never wear black never"  but really now your rocking black, her stylist gotta be mad. ( I mean she went off on that lady)


Ashanti looking great as usual backstage of the Keysha Cole Concert in NYC.

Okay I just had to post this, Frenchie Davis a former "American Idol" contestant was in Philly at the Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving day parade. First that dress is hideous and second why is she at a Dunkin Donuts parade am I the only one that finds the humor in this.

Normally Rihanna is on point with the fashion and I get it we all have bad days, but  usually not on the red carpet. So Ri Ri recently launched her 777 tour and since then she has been wearing some weird looking ish, there is no way this looks good she looks like a puppet or a circus performer, IDK get it together hun.

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