Monday, May 14, 2012


Nick and Mariah are looking great as usual they were at the Project canvas Exhibit at the Opera Gallery  in NYC.

What a way to celebrate or to unwind after such an intense week for JHud , who won her case and received a guilty verdict for the suspect in her mother, brother and nephew's murder trial ( my heart goes out to her). Anyway JHud and her Beau David went to Six Flags Chicago to relax ( that seems like soo much fun)

Brandy debuts yet another new look, not bad I for one am glad she is experimenting, its always so refreshing especially when she has an album coming out.

Rihanna, Rihanna well this chic is looking great after all the rumors of her partying and using drugs to much. Last week after the MET Ball Rihanna texted a picture of what was suppose to be her arm with an IV in it ( not sure what that was about but she seems fine to me.

Here she is again stepping out in NYC.

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