Friday, May 25, 2012


As a new mom I understand the battle to get rid of the baby weight, but wrapping it in sequence never crossed my mind and I'm mad I had to be a victim of this total mess. Fantasia chica get it together and fire your stylist, holla at me Ill get your gear right. She performed on the Idol finale as well.

Ri Ri debut her new look on the American Idol Finale, but when was it OK t have braids with a bang or three hair styles in one, so not feeling this look or concept.

I really have to say some thing about this chic Jessica White, I always get on Serena but fair is fair, first of all what to you do and why do you always without fail look a piping hit mess, tighten up matter of fact get a complete revamp and get new friends cause they are not true.

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