Monday, March 5, 2012


okay so if you haven't been paying attention to this story let me give a brief run down, Sandra Fluke a law student testified to Congress about the Obama care and the fact that her Universities insurances does not cover contraception, according to her it will cost about $3000 per year for contraception and would like the government to establish some kind of program to pay for this. Popular radio personality Rush Limbaugh strongly disagreed and called her a slut and a prostitute for asking the American people to pay for her activities. Since his name calling he has apologized and the President has called to rectify the situation with Ms. Fluke as well.
The US Congress, Rush-Limbaugh and the White-House seem to be now embroiled in a matter so ridiculous that each of us must ask “What on God’s earth this World is coming to”.
It all began with a young college student testifying before the Congress saying that it cost college student $ 3000.00 per year for contraception
Is it the Government’s or tax payers’ responsibility to pay for college students promiscuous behavior?
What parent will subscribe to their daughter spending over $3000.00 per year on contraception?
Does the University encourage male/female cohabitation?
Is the word abstinence carries any meaning or effect?
Please leave a comment and let me know where you stand on this issue.

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