Tuesday, August 16, 2011


See this is why we as a people cannot progress. In Somalia the food that was delivered by the UN as relief aid is being stolen and sold in the markets to the very people who are starved. It has gotten so bad that the pictures we see of people holding up rice bags and other foods are only for the cameras, some natives say that after they have taken photos they are shortly forced to give up their foods to rebels who then turn around and sell them in the local markets. This is soo unfortunate, but this has been the reason for sooo many African nations struggle. I for one think that their needs to be a national military for Africa to regulate all the rebel activity and ensure that people get the aids that they need, it is so barbaric to take from you own people especially in times of Please leave a comment.

The struggle just got realer than ever, 20,000 children plus died last week in Somalia, and other neighboring countries in Africa. With all the food we waste here in America to think that people in Africa are starving ( I know sounds cliche right, we have heard it all our lives people, but it's certainly not just a saying, they really are dying).

 Two nights ago my husband and I watched a documentary called "God grew tired of us" I recommend all of you to watch it, it was about the lost boys of Sudan and their journey. In Sudan there is war and all little boys are the main target, so they had to walk across the desert to survive, when they started out they were 27,000 by the time they got to Ethiopia and Kenya there were only 12,000 left.

Ethiopia and Kenya took them in and gave them refuge, now today those very countries need refuge themselves from the drought that has taken their livestock and food supply. 

 Please find it in your heart to help save a life, it doesn't matter your ethnicity we are all members of one race the Human race and we need to help each other, this is how God designed us. The link below has a list of charities that you can donate to. One Love. 

The regions that are affected most are Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, these nations need our help.

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