Monday, June 20, 2011


Meagan Good have been hitting up the clubs in Hollywood for a minute now, she must not have anything else to do, maybe she needs a man to occupy her time. anyway here she is again leaving club Trousdale.

Also in attendance at the club Trousdale was Brandy , question why does she have such a big bag leaving the club, only chics that leave out with a sack are strippers, Maybe she picked up a new gig.

Vivica Fox was photoed in Philly at a comic convention ??? What a comic convention Vivica? Anyway she was there with her Fiance Slim ( I guess you gotta try new thing when your in a relationship) Is it me or does Viv look abit chunky, I know your man is from GA and all but slow down on the thickening it might not agree with you.

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