Saturday, June 11, 2011


Fat Joe loses 88 pounds, which is great, he claimed he loved being fat but it wasn't healthy. Question why  fat people always say that they liked or loved being fat, they had great self esteem and all that Bull ish, please if you are really happy and loved your self, why so self conscious about your looks.
No offense to my large peoples out there we can't all be skinny ( plus I'm so not a fan of skinny) anyway so back to these hypercritical fatty's who fool themselves into self love  ( you only fooling yourself) just keep it real you didn't llike the way you looked and wanted to change it, like plastic surgery, you don't like your breast them change it, Stop fronting like you were just blissful ( that only happened when you were eating after the burger you felt bad, we all do) .  Just had to get that off my chest Any who I think it is great that Fat Joe decided to do this, I would have thought this change would have came earlier when PUN died but hey, at least he got a handle on it. So check out his interview, I hope he inspires others to seek healthy alternatives with food.

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