Friday, April 8, 2011


Eve and Jill Scott on the set of Jill's new video "shame" in a Philly rec center. I have to say I cant wait to see this video, in glad that Eve has decided to do hip hop again after chillin in Hollywood being a celeb. Looks like Philly is in full affect all they need is Wiz.

All I have to say is y she misrepresenting the Q boro with this bullsh** she be wearing, we don't get down like that. Nikki you look like a bum, Holla at me Ill get your gear all the way right, if your going for the Lady Gaga look Ill get you there in a proper manner.


  1. Yes Queen help that heifer. She looks like a man trying to dress up as a tacky woman. What is that all about. You made at all the colors who want to coordinate, the hair, more than just need a perm. shoes, please put them back at the thrift store you got for free with the rest of your outfit. Ugghhh

  2. sorry meant mad instead of made at all the colors