Thursday, April 28, 2011


After the premiere of her new show on ABC called the "Voice" Christina and her new beau went out for dinner in Hollywood. i really hope she didn't drink, seems lately  the singer has been partying a little to much with this new guy and been acting reckless and drunk in public. Get it together chica.

Lady Gaga was on the Ellen show performing her controversial new song "Judas", I don't know seem like her whole existence is a gimmick, now the rumor mill has it that her and Beyonce has beef, sounds alittle silly if you ask me. Anyway Gaga do your thing it seems the masses like your music.

Torie Spelling on to baby # 3, okay I'm not mad at you, sh** if your gonna steal somebody husband and make him yours might as well pop out more kids than his x right, plus you can def afford it. I think she looks better pregos at least she looks non alien like (anorexic).

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