Monday, March 28, 2011


Okay so we all have taken notice of Jennifer Hudson's changing image, but how does her Hubby feel about it. During a recent interview J Hudd admitted that her hubby- (punk from I Love NY) is having a problem with her new look and image, he complains about her always getting dressed up and going places. Hmmm seems like he misses the lime light to me, Punks get over it and sit back, you was so ready to be a nobody to to nobody chicken head Ms. New York  ( as she calls her self) so why complain now.

Ummm why is Kanye dating this little girl, so according to Media Takeout Kanye and Teyanna Taylor have been dating. Apparently she did some work for him on is last album and since she is no longer seeing her basketball beau they hooked up. Yea umm is there a shortage of chics that the celebs date because I'm tired of seeing the same group of B****es getting passed around, come the the ATL and get a new group, we have plenty down here. IDK about this rumor I hope it ain't so, Kanye looking real bad if it is, similar to his x Amber with Wiz, I mean upgrade people not scrape the bottom. Sigh! Let me know what you all think.

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