Monday, February 25, 2013


A true bond girl always Halley berry brung it to the 88th Annual Academy Awards Oscars.

just so you understand that she rocked this dress another view point. 

Stacy Kiebler look so old Hollywood, very classic. 

 The Metallic mania continues, Naomi Watts looks like the dress was made on her fab just fab, if you are going to do this style of dress, this is definitely the way to do it. 

Another fab dress worn by Norah Jones.

Cobalt is  the ish, one of my personal fav colors, Reese Witherspoon rocks it nicely. 

One of the popular looks for this season the black and gold, I knew it would make an appearance at the 88th Annual Academy Awards Oscar. Selma Hayek and her husband. 

okay so i had to put him on blast, first of all Congrats on the Oscar, but is it me or Quentan looks alittle buzzed, his date definitely look like her space ship left awhile back. IDK just jokes. 

So chic Charlize Theron took it to another level wit her look. 

I had to put Jane Fonda in the rotation she just looks fab, the dress is hawt as well. 

Continuing with the pop of color Jennifer Anniston looks simple gorgeous, she did an interview on the red carpet and blushed when she spoke about her fiance, and it shows with this look. 

Kerry Washington did her thing as well on the red carpet of the 
 88th Annual Academy Awards Oscars.

I tell you this girl can sing, I have been saying that since she tried out on "American Idol". Jennifer Hudson did her rendition of her hit song on "Dreamgirls".

Idk about you all but i knew Ben Affleck was going to win for "Argo" this man is a genius wen it comes to movies and writing them, Jennifer Garner look great in her dress. 

Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet of the 88th Annual Academy Awards Oscar, congratulations on your win hun. 

Celebration time Jennifer Lawrence at the "Vanity Fair" after party.

Now the what the f*** Tim Burton and wife really where the do that at, no really who did that to them. Fired!

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