Friday, August 17, 2012


So my girls and I were out on Saturday, looking for a spot to go and have drinks and chill. We ended up going to Bar One on Memorial Drive, you know the one that Peter owns from  real housewives of Atlanta. Well first when pulling up the valet was not selling us on going in, should have been the first sign. Then we go in the ambiance was great, but the people look so drab, mostly couples sitting having dinner. We were not greated by a hostess so we just grabbed a seat, shortly after the hostess appeared and asked us to move because the area was reserved, so we did. We went to ordered a drink, he bartender was really nice, anyway we ended up having one drink and watched the Olympic race then left. Needless to say we ended up hitttin up another spot. My advice to Peter is to get proper promotion geared towards the 30 something crowd, most of the patrons seemed older, was not feeling that, also get a new hostess, she is slipping. Anyway just the raw deal.

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