Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Alicia and her hubby swizz were at the White House Correspondence Dinner, Alicia has been back on her natural looking hair a step up from her braided look, I like the new mature look.

Mary J and her hubby Kendu was also at the White House for dinner. Okay so let me just weigh in on the latest Mary drama ( if you want to call it that) I really don't think she should have been that ridiculed about making that song and singing about chicken, i mean really people. The negative spin that we as black people are putting on her BK commercial is just to mush seriously an African American singing about chicken are we still in that mind frame. i personally don't see the issue, she is just doing a commercial and getting paid, the stereotype seems to be another plot to stop black people from making money.  Its funny how the only people that have a problem with the commercial is us ( question who started the whole reference of blacks and chicken, not us) thought so why are we so caugt up on it. Mary make your money chica, please don't let silliness get in your way.

Okay can I just say that we have the koolest pres thus far,not to get political at all, but he is too kool, I luv it. I'm definitely luvin Michelle's hair and the dress is okay.

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