Friday, March 16, 2012


So Eva has a new show, according to the word on the street she has a reality show that will be about her and her friends, well here she is shooting for it. Question who the hell cares what her and her friends do, Eva what major work have you done since leaving ANTM, please chica get a real job.

Willow Smith Supposedly leaving Beyone's apartment in NYC, Okay since no one will say it I will, this girl is what 11 or 12, why is she wearing those shoes and that hair cut, I know she is a pop star and all but give me a break, her parents need to take a hold of her and guide her in the right direction seriously. I luv their family but enough is enough, my 11 year old would not look like this, children need rules people. Someone that knows the family personally needs to reach out to them.

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