Thursday, October 20, 2011


So here we go again, Hilary Clinton pledges millions of American money to aid/ help the Libyan government with reconstruction. So my question is who the hell decides that we should send our money to yet another Middle Eastern Country to help them rebuild, this is utter Bull ish, given the FACT we Americans are in a economic crisis. How many people must be on unemployment, how many people must loose their homes before we get millions of dollars in aid to rebuild our lives. I mean come on people, they campaign that they want to help us out and are concerned about Americans getting back on their feet but the actions don't add up to their words. I truly believe that we Americans need to make a stand, we stood by as they took our money to help out the conglomerates the Wall Street, corporate power elite, then the same companies turn around take our houses outsource our jobs and screwed us ( raw dogg).

I for one am totally in support of the brave, American who are fed up and have decided to occupy Wall Street and occupy Atlanta. People are tied of the fake a** empathy that is fed to us in an effort to pacify us for a moment, we need a real solution and we need government leaders who are not concerned with the foreign relations more than they are the survival of the American people, I truly believe that our forefathers who rebelled against the King many years ago would be totally disgusted with the way we are being treated.
Time for change is now, time to stand up for our well being is now.

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