Friday, September 2, 2011


So yesterday I reported that TI (Clifford Harris ) was released from Prison after serving 11 months on a parole violation. Well according to Federal authorities he has been sent to another federal facility (prison) iin Atlanta, instead of heading to the half way house that he was released to. This is due to the fact that he took a tricked out tour bus from prison yesterday to the half way house and the Federallies are haters so they are mad that he was plushed on his drive, and they decided to incarcerate him for taking a plushed out ride. Okay this is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard but to TI, I say this is just a test so don't let them break yuur spirits, keep your head up. SMH utterly disgusted with broke a** haters who are not happy with their lives.

ATL Rapper TI ( Clifford Harris) was released from prison this morning after serving a 10 month bid for a parole violation. I for one am happy that he is home, not only because its another black man free, but the fact that one of the tightest rappers of all time is back to continue making music (hopefully) this is my personal opinion, but unless your not a real hip hop head and think different then it really doesn't matter. Anyway I hope that he stays out of trouble for a minute this time, in and out of prison is not a good look. But welcome home to TI, we are just waiting for some new ish now.

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