Sunday, September 4, 2011


Nas was spotted out having lunch with some chic, IDK I really hope that she is his stylist or something cause  she definitely look like a rat from the hood. Please Nas step your game up, from this Kelis bootleg chic.

Eve looking real casual as she took a stroll in NYC, this is a good look for her, so many times celebs get caught up in the over top look that its refreshing to see them looking regular. Rumors have it that Eve is dating a billionaire white dude from the UK, I'm not mad at ya, got to get it, but how about working, we miss you rapping and acting.

OKay so normally I luv the outfits Lala wears and i think she has a great eye for fashion, but not this ish. La why do we have to be the victims of your fashion mistake and why none of your hundreds of assistants didn't stop you from walking out the door looking like a mime. Please get it together hun.

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