Monday, June 20, 2011


Well well the player got played, creator and founder of Playboy Hugh Hefner was suppose to get married this Saturday June 18th to Crystal Harris a playmate from 2001, but tat did't exactly happen.
Crystal canceled the wedding 5 days before it was to go down. Lets see she is 25 and he is 84 ummm really, but anyway Hugh always liked them young, ( do you remember that holly one of his girlfriends were trying top marry I'm back in the day and he would even think about it, Holly seemed like she was after his money) But anyway he then met this chic Crystal and decided to wife her (with out a prenup), wrong move count your blessings Hugh she probably would have wiped you out. So Crystal said in an interview that she was not comfortable with all the girls in the house and that women are allowed to change their minds (true). Apparently Hugh's X has a new single out called " Club Queen" that dropped the night she moved out of the Mansion. To add to the insult she then through a pool party in Vegas on her supposed wedding day wit non other Heidi Montag  ( the chic from the Hills with body dismporphic disorder)  SMH you really know how to pic them Hugh ( he has been seen out with another blonde since getting dumped) what can you expect he has a whole list of chics to choose from, so Crystal is not being missed.

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