Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Whats going on with Jigga (camel) he has been looking extra worst lately, hair not combed, gear fell off, looks like depression, maybe he is sad that his side chic Rihanna is mad about his wife being on his label, maybe he just need som a**, IDK. Anyway Beyonce and her Hubby were spotted in Paris leaving a resteraunt after having dinner, maybe she should stay home and cook, men don't like all that eating out all the time.

Romeo, Romeo how handsome thou hast become and rich hmmm.

Serena Williams seem to be back on her feet, literally, she was out and about in NYC at a Range Rover Event, she just keep looking better than the manly shell she once was.

Here she is returning to the tennis courts last week for practice, WOW! a pink cat suit, she should let Nikki Manaj borrow that suit for her tour.

Did I forget to mention that Serena attended the Range Rover Event with Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis, he is so cute, so I guess Common is definately far from her mind with this chocolate bar all up in her grill. Do you think they make a better looking couple?

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