Monday, March 21, 2011


Despite the rumors of an alleged sex tape Tamika Foster still pushes on ( no pun intended) to party at the Woodruff Arts center in ATL. Question did she really wear a strap on for U? How do you all feel about Kinky sex? To what extreme?

Usher seen here performing amid rumors of a kinky sex tape. I don't know how I feel about Ursher at this point. Leave a comment let me know how you all feel about this, I want the RAW DEAL.

Cynthia and her hubby Peter still going strong, attending the Essence event in ATL @ the Woodruff Arts Center. They look great.

 Chanita from football wives and her Hubby at the Essence party in ATL. Okay let me just say I cant help but think she is a bit over dramatic and for some reason I believe that she is tryna get a reality show deal from VH1, we all know her hubby is out of work and her loud mouth A** cant work no where. We will see.

Chilli seen at the Essence Party having a blast. I wonder if her and Tamika Foster spoke, isn't Tamika the one Usher cheated on Chilli with. Maybe the have a secrets to trade now that we Know what Usher likes.

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