Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Female hip hop artist has been the most over looked in the industry yes mostly because it is male dominated like many other professions. However the role of the the female Artist should not be underestimated, she has the ability to not only out rap most guys but the reach of being able to touch certain subjects the most male rappers won't. This rawness is the necessary element in the hip hop culture.  A few weeks ago I got the chance to watch for the first time the battle rap between Remmy Ma & Lady Luck, from 2004. Watch below.

These two women are poised controlled & so precise in there delivery so much so it's difficult to determine the winner.  The way Remy switches her flow, with metaphors that causes you to run it back in ya head like damn that's crazy. Don't sleep on Lady Luck her bars are phenomenal. The irony is they both did time in prison after this & are out now still with the heat & reality shows, so unheard of in this industry.

Now in 2017 a new female hip hop clash maybe on the way with Remy Ma & Nicki Minaj. But really who didn't see this coming this is how the industry has always done it. 2017 the hip hop game has reached a new level taking this beef digitally worldwide having fan picking sides and separating the real from the fake in Hip hop . So here is the run downs Nicki Minaj released a few tracks supposedly throwing subliminal s at Remy ma. (listen below)

Then Remy totally assassinated her, making what most is now considering a historical hip hop diss record called "Shether" the whole entire world is still waiting for the self proclaimed Queen of rap Nicki Minaj to step up to the plate and respond the way the culture has always handled this kind of situation. A response is necessary if not Minaj has surrendered and automatically gives the crown to the person that bodied her Remy Ma. According to a recent interview Remy stated that the beef with Minaj is fueled not only by the diss track but by the behind the scenes thing that Minaj has tried to do to her like stop her from attending certain events and threatening industry executives not to work with the "Lean Back" star. 

Note worthy I guess because Remy made a reference to Foxy Brown Now Foxy has released a snippet of a diss track aimed at Remy. Foxy Brown before this has not released a record or been int the public eye for over a decade. Also let not that Foxy Brown and Remy Ma had had beef back in the day in which there is a rumor that Remy Ma punched Foxy in the face. we will keep you guys posted on whats happening with this epic female beef. until then weigh in leave a comment. 

What would be a switch up is if they would both do a record together with heavy hitting bars, flip the game.

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