Monday, April 25, 2016


 People have a lot to say on Beyonce's new Video Album "Lemonade", speculations as to JayZ infidelity the bey hive going crazy on Rachelle Roy page telling her to kill herself. The Bey hive need to chill everybody has marital problems but what not cool is to flood someones time line telling them to commit suicide this woman  is a mother no matter how you feel about her ( not sure if fans should be this emotional ) but anyway be responsible for your actions people. Now lets get into this Artistic Piece, firstly I would like to thank Beyonce for putting together this beautiful art and allowing us the general public to have access to something of this magnitude. I have to say being a wife and a mother I truly understood her message and what she was trying to convey, marriage is not an easy thing you loose and gain yourself all at the same time, so keep pushing, Jay looks like he is a great father and that is hard to come by but still don't compromise your standards, plus he cant do no better Bey your at the top of the food chain. LOL

This pose is everything Beyonce embodies the epitome of Nubian Queen with the hair style and the pose. I luv this one.

The flowing dresses in this video to me represent a kind of freedom, ladies we all know that a nice flowing dress in the summer is life. 

The warrior Bey, I have to recognize the African patterns that she is using through out the piece, accompanied by the natural sisters, really portray a positive image for young girls. 

Question how the hell Bey get Serena Williams to twerk in a video, very dope to have friends like. Lately the media has been trying to strip Serena of her beauty by calling her a man an so on so for Bey to specifically have her in here is great, let the world now that a healthy muscular black woman on her shit is beauty.

This Dress just speaks for its self a beautiful African print and design her tapping into the country music genre was great and i will say I hope she breaks into that category and dominates.

I really wish I had a better picture but this Lace one piece is just gorgeous, the fashion in this piece is top notch I really wished she had made pieces like this this "House of Dereon" 

At this point in the video we see a lot of delusion and craziness in Bey eyes but rightfully so strife with the person that is closest to you can draw out the insanity. Anyway the dress was beautiful but the real star of this show is her shoes. 

This is my Favorite piece n this entire video and trust me they are all on point but the head piece is just pure dopeness on many levels and of course Beyonce rocks it with perfection. 

I'm not gonna lie when Mike Brown Mom shed a tear I did to, you can see and feel the hurt in her eyes. I tell you is nothing on the planet like loosing a child it haunts you on the good days a dam near cripple you on the bad days. I am loving the new message that Bey is portraying the awareness that she is bringing to this epidemic. these types of crimes are not new but they are being more recorded and now we have technology they the cowards that kill us with no regard that take away our fathers, sons, sisters, and mothers will have to face the public directly, the law that try to protect them can no longer because even if they get off from the charges your life will never be the same. We are awake...QN  thanks for viewing my blog drop a comment...

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