Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Okay so Michelle was inspirational at the DNC almost brought a tear, as a married woman I was so proud of her for supporting her hubby, I think if we all would just support our significant other that people would be more successful, her dress was from Tracey Reese.

Jessica Simpson recently did an interview with People magazine, saying that she ate what she wanted during pregnancy and has a difficult time loosing the weight, but she is a new spokes person for Weight Watchers and has a personal trainer, she works out 5 days a week. Listen I feel you Jessica, and I think all women should eat what they want when pregos, cause that the time to just enjoy your moment, no the weight don't just fall off trust me I know, I went from 165 to 235 when I was pregos 5 months later I have lost 50 lbs and still counting, so for all the new mommies out there just know you went through a tremendous change, the only time that a body goes through what pregnant  women go through is during pregnancy and death, so celebrate your self no matter how much weight you gained.

Missy Elliot back on stage rocking the mike in Miami, this weekend.

Congrats to Micheal Stayhan for being the new co host with Kelly Ripa, listen this is huge Kelly we salute you for picking an African American to co host with you.

New look for Estelle, the verdict is still out, anyway she was at the book launch for Dwayne Wades new book.

Dwayne Wade has a new title to ad to his belt Author of a new book titled " A Father first", congrats!

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