Saturday, November 19, 2011


Jayz and his celeb friends were in attendance at the GQ event this week in Hollywood. Question whats up with JT crazy looking eyes in this pic?

Yeah Jigga I'm not feeling this suit on you the tight suit and skinny tie not so much,

They say Kerry Washington is taking the place of Halley Berry but I'm not sure that spot could be taken by her. Don't get me wrong I like Kerry Washington and all buuut. Anyway Kerry i have a question whats up with those cheek bones?

The sheek and fab Paula Patton was in attendance at the GQ event, her style game is on the up.

Okay every celeb has a bad day once in a while especially when it comes to style, for this couple unfortunately it was today. I'm not sure what they were going for, La La look like a Christmas ornament and Melo look like a mix between a pilot a french man and a drunk washed up singer, but I  understand you can't win them all so just take heed you two so this won't be a repeat occurrence.

Chocolate beauty, he has the number one album in the country right now Tyrese is definitely on point and he is fine as hell. I for one am very proud of this young man, he has made his way from singing on the bus to staring in one of the top movies of our times, not to mention he still finds time to support local record shops like DBS Sounds in Atlanta.  I just can't get enough of this guy.

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