Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I know that Brandy has always been skinny but she is looking really frail lately. Whats up with the music Brandy, even Monica came back out, we want to hear some Music from you chica.

Halley Berry was spotted in Berlin Germany with her Beau, she is still hobbling around, why don't you go sit down some where and get some rest.

Okay so its official Jessica is pregos, I mean we all knew that and I am totally behind her decision to keep it a secret, its your life. Anyway Congrats to you and your soon to be hubby.

Kim, Kim well I have to say that I'm totally disappointed in this spectacle that Kim and her family have created. First off  I have to give props to those who are married and take it seriously, like myself, I am so proud of our generation for sticking with each other in the institution of marriage. Now back to Kim and her marriage scam, I am so over her she is a disgrace to our generation and has made a mockery of the sacred institution of marriage, I hope you never get  another date or get married ever again and your ish dry up. I'm over her are you? 72 days of marriage, serious why even bother, Kris please she is not worth it just keep it moving.

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