Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Is she or isn't she that's the question that is swirling around the rumor mill. IDK in my educated guess I would say she is, I mean I never new Jessica Simpson to have a big stomach and this picture shows a little bit more than a chubby belly. Well she hasn't come out with any announcements which is perfectly fine because it is her life, but seriously girl we all know you are pregos. Let me know what you all think leave a comment.

Is she or isn't she this is the pressing question that all the media outlets are asking, blogs are constantly saying that her bump is fake , but really why would she go thru all this drama, plus she is young it is possible that she is really pregos, i for one believe that she is. Sound off and leave me a comment on this whole fake bump fiasco.

Well we don't have to question this one Jennifer came right out with her news, she looks great.

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