Thursday, September 15, 2011


Nas celebrated his 38th bday yesterday at Catch 21 in NYC, I can't believe that Nas is almost 40, but I'm glad that he is around to celebrate his bday. I have to say ( as if you all don't know by now) Nas is definitely one of my favorite rappers ( not because he is from the Q boro) but I grew up listening and memorizing his lyrics chillin at the White Castles on Rock BLD next to my old High School John Adams yes "when I dress I wear nothing less than Guess". Happy bday Homie.

Camelo and Common was in attendance to celebrate with Nas. ( common is another rapper I grew up with) I like the fact they show each other luv.

Damn this is a classic picture Jay came out to celebrate with Nas, I luv it ( I really don't have to mention my luv for Jay lyrical finesse) anyway this is a good look.

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