Tuesday, March 22, 2011


DWTS Last night started out with Wendy Williams and her oh so Gi-normous breast, I hope she doesn't knock her self out with those things.

I would truly like to know how Romeo ended up on this show. So you don't make it at basketball then you try ball room dancing, I guess as long as your close to balls huh! Not a good look, to young and to gay looking. hmmm.

Its amazing what a man can do for people. Is it me or did Leona Lewis get better looking in the past 6months, better clothes and all. Keep it up you might just out shine Rihanna for the style award this year.

Kanye and Jigga on stage at the SXSW music festival, the moguls in rare form.

My girl LBoogs performing at the jazz festival in Miami, apparently she was the headliner. I really hope she did better than she did when she came to the ATL, people wanted their money back after she showed up late and then started complaining about playing the same songs night after night. Simple solution make new ish Lauryn, we are waiting on your comeback even if its a mini one.

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